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Performance anxiety can be linked with self-doubt and a lack of self-confidence. It can be of different forms and can happen to individuals in various professional fields. Though the most popularly known performance anxiety is ‘stage fright’ to performers, it can happen to workers in the corporate field too. Imagine getting all tensed and worried just before a meeting.

Wrong Perception About Anxiety:

People perceive performance anxiety as a psychological problem that cannot be cured. However, it is a wrong perception. Proper conditioning of the mind with a professional can yield better results. A beneficial tip would be to try hypnotherapy in Uckfield.

Why Try Hypnotherapy to Cure Performance Anxiety?

A bespoke hypnotherapy session can meet your exact needs. The hypnotherapist will look into the complex areas of the mind. They will try to wipe out the negative effects of these areas. More about the therapy is discussed below in detail. You will know the areas the professional hypnotherapist covers to eliminate this anxiety.

  • Behaviour: Over-estimating a particular situation is a common behaviour trait in those suffering from performance anxiety. The anxiety will ultimately lead to avoidance, which can cast disastrous effects in the future. It will ultimately damage your self-confidence, spiralling into self-doubt and other personality issues. A hypnotherapist uses mental rehearsal and future pacing to cure the behavioural issues of the client.
  • Past Bitter Experience: You may suffer from performance anxiety due to some unsavoury incident in the past. Your anxiety reveals that you have a tendency to avoid that incident. However, at a certain point, you just have to let go of the memory and move forward with life. A hypnotherapist will help you to achieve this goal. They can address the past incident and change how it is coded in your memory. This will help you get rid of the emotional charge of the incident.
  • Strengthening the Ego: When it comes to boosting confidence, the ego of a person plays a major role. It can positively improve your ability to perform and destroy all imminent obstacles. A hypnotherapist can help in this role by addressing any past negative experiences. They connect with your inner resources and condition them in a way that boosts your confidence. You can witness this effect on your next performance.
  • Conditioning the Beliefs: In simple terms, one can define belief as a set of understandings accepted by a person, even if it’s not true. The role of the rational mind is very less in developing a belief. You will perceive the world and create a self-image according to your beliefs. This will affect your performance and create problems of self-doubt, ultimately leading to performance anxiety. However, the positive news is that it can be cured through a cognitive behavioural approach.
  • Future Pacing: Future pacing is another path followed by practitioners of hypnotherapy in Uckfield to eliminate performance anxiety. This process can help explore a range of possible alternatives to performance. They can also practice some ideal performances and respond more confidently to imminent obstacles. This practice is beneficial. It can help an individual to develop a positive image of their future performance. As a result, you can associate positively with your future performances, thanks to proper hypnotherapy.

There are some confusions present between hypnotherapy and mind control. Many believe both are the same thing that may cause sinister results. However, it is a claim without any proof. You can try hypnotherapy in Uckfield to get rid of various psychological issues. You only need to communicate with a trusted source like Tina Gray Therapy. She is an experienced hypnotherapist who can cure your problems. Visit her website to book a session.


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