Some Outstanding Technological Breakthroughs in the Car Industry in the Last Ten Years

The automobile industry has emerged a lot in the last ten years because of the advent of modern technology. Whether it is an automatic door or modern wheels sensors – the changes are so prominent that you cannot ignore the development. With so many amazing technological breakthroughs, the automobile industry is trying to make the impossible possible.

According to the Mercedes car specialists, there are more to come because car manufacturers are constant making few techniques to give you an excellent riding experience that will be memorable.

Top Technological Attributes of the Last Decade

Lane Keep Assistance

It is highly required but challenging to keep your car centred within the road lines in the driving lane. The latest Lane Keep Assistance is installed in cars to make this job easier for all drivers. This system not only keeps the vehicle centred within the driving lane’s lines but also prevents your car from crossing those lines to avoid accidents. If the wheels are about the cross the lane lines, the lane keep assistance will start working and prevent it from doing so. This technology is extremely useful while you are driving at night or on a long drive.

Voice Recognition

In the past 10-12 years, our life cannot be imagined without mobile phones. But, using mobile phones while driving can cause accidents. Hence, car manufacturers and technicians come with voice recognition techniques. This feature will help you to operate your phone only by voice command, and you do not need to use your hands for this. You can read text messages, have navigation assistance and use multimedia with the help of this feature installed in cars like Mercedes Benz.

Automatic Emergency Braking

This feature works like a blessing for drivers and riders too. The feature can read the environment around the vehicle and notify you about things that can probably come in contact with your car so that you can stay alert. The sensor will be active and initiate the brakes immediately to avoid collisions and save you and your car. This feature reduces the number of road accidents and helps you to enjoy safe driving, especially when you are driving at high speed on highways.

Electronic Fobs

Keys are past stories now. Today car owners love to have their electronic fobs in hand. This technology makes them free from using the keys to get into the car. You do not even need to use your keys to unlock the doors of your vehicle. The fob will help you to open or lock your car even from a distance. This feature increases security and saves time. You can eliminate the problem of lockout of the car when you have key fobs in your hand.

With these amazing features, car driving has become a more fascinating experience than ever. Moreover, the easy availability of repairs and replacements from Mercedes car specialists helps you to maintain the functionality and efficiency of your luxury car easier than before. To know more, you can pay a quick visit to the website of Sandown Group.


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